Substructure foundation walls from concrete, concrete – metal underground foundation walls, concrete – metal base plates
Peripheral walls sandwich ceramic bricks + insulation system, walls between houses from ceramic bricks
Partition walls ceramic partition bricks
Ceiling, roof concrete – metal prefabricated roof panels Spirols, half shed roof covered by foil
Inner stairs concrete – metal, footboard tread wood
Water insulation substructure – SBS modified asphalt belts with protection against radon, roof – PVC foil
Heat insulation facade insulation system – combination of polystyrene with colour plaster and wall attached timber with mineral insulation
Facade combination of contact insulation plaster in different colours with wall attached timber
Windows, entrance doors wooden, quality Europrofil, multilayer glazing, quality 4 position fittings with micro ventilation
Glass insulation double glass 4-16-4 mm
Outer railings metal, titanium-zinc galvanized
Plating titanium-zinc windowsills


Floors laminate floor, ceramic tiles RAKO
Doors wooden doors, lined frame, foil with decor wood
Walls plaster + calcite cement stucco, white painting
Ceilings smoothed ceiling, white painting
Inner railings painted metal construction, wooden handle
Inner windowsills foil decor wood
Tiles ceramic tiles RAKO
Light press button, plugs ABB Classic
Bathroom fixtures sanitary ceramics – JIKA OLYMP, bathtub – RAVAK, outlet valves – RAVAK
Boiler hanged gas boiler with atmospheric burner, flow heating of water with turbo exhaustion
Heating floor heating in ground floors, RADIK with thermostatic valve and head in first floor

Outdoor landscaping of plot

Access walkway to object concrete pavement
Parking spots concrete grass paving

Connection of the object to infrastructure

Sewage connected to sewage sewer, sewage revision shaft located on plot
Storm sewer disposal of storm water from roof of object by underground basin located on plot
Water supply connected to city water system, main water valve and water meter located in porch of object
Gas supply connected to installation pillar on plot boundary, main gas valve and gas meter located in pillar
Low voltage electric supply connected to installation pillar on plot boundary, electric meter in pillar, reserved main circuit breaker 3x25A


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