Čarodějnický rej na Menhirech

​On 3Oth April 2015, the developer of residential project Tresnovka, company UTC PROPERTIES ltd., and public organization Denemark, represented by mayor of Kutna Hora, Mr. Martin Stary, prepared for you the traditional witch gathering. The children were attended at witch beauty salon, there were competitions for prizes for best witch mask, flying on the broom or throwing of broom. We also prepared children theatre in cooperation with local artist Luděk Kmet. The evening was ended by huge fire and breathtaking fire show, performed also by the mayor. Nobody was thirsty or hungry, refreshments included sausages, roasted pig, beer and lemonade on tap. virtuální kancelář . Despite cloudy weather in the beginning and few drops of rain, there was sunny weather in the end. We would like to thank you all for huge attendance and we are looking forward for next year’s gathering.



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